Yamama Factories

Yamama Factories for Red Bricks and Clay Products started production in the beginning of 1979 (1399 H). Since its inception, the factories have acquired a vast experience in industry of red clay bricks. Our customers, in Saudi Arabia and Gulf Countries expressed their satisfaction with the factories products.This achievement is obtained through the great consideration given to the products quality.

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As a result of this, our production increased from 225 tons to 1000 tons per day. Moreover, varieties of products increased from some few products to more than one hundred items, as detailed in this brochure which includes the specifications and uses of each product.

Facilities available for Yamama Company make these factories one of the leading Companies in the field of brick industry. The factories have the capability to manufacture products to any required technical specifications regarding size, shape or quality. Our products are manufactured in accordance with Saudi Standards as well as international such as; German, British, American and others, as required by our customers projects.

Yamama Company have adhered to high standard of production, early from the beginning the factories also apply planning of quality improvement and product development to meet the requirements of our clints. A lot has been achieved in these areas, as it is evident from the high quality products of our factories which is supported by periodic laboratory reports (carried out by independent Laboratories) & available for your kind review.

Demand for Yamama Red Bricks is progressively increasing, which reflects customers satisfaction with such products hence the good reputation in market.

Yamama Company Red Bricks & Clay Products have supplied red bricks to many big projects such as Imam Mohammed Ibn Saud University, Ministry of interior housing project, Real-Estate Company Projects, Al Nasser Housing compounds in Riyadh and many others. The factories have succeeded to maintain the high quality of the products and to meet the projects requirements, relating to shape and size, during execution of the projects.

The study which was conducted by Research Institute, King Fahad University for Petroleum and Minerals, shows that red bricks have a good thermal insulation capability and hence reducing power consumption. It is worthy to mention that red bricks are made of natural material without introducing any chemical in the production. So red brick is safe for human health and enviroment, besides its stability dose not change with time.

The properties of Red Clay Bricks are not limited to the thermal insulation, but it also has a high compressive strength, reaches up to 200 kg/cm2 and sometimes it exceeds this level of strength in some types in addition to its light weight and a very low water absorption.